3 years of breastfeeding, well almost…

In 12 days Mila turns 3. And not only is it her 3rd birthday, but also our 3rd nursiversary, wow!

If you had of asked me 3yrs ago if I would breastfeed a 3yr old, I would probably have said no. Even a year ago, or 2yrs ago. I have always said that 2yrs was my goal, anything after that a bonus, and I’d wean before 3yrs.

I was one of those people who felt breastfeeding past 2 was a bit “extreme”, that the child could drink the breastmilk out of a cup instead of a breast. Yeah, I know, how naive of me. I wish I could go back and slap that former self of mine (Btw, never worded these thoughts to anyone other than myself & my husband). Then over time, I became to realise that breastfeeding is more than just the milk. It’s the bond between mum & baby/child, the comfort & security it creates, and so much more. So my opinion definitely changed, and I’m glad. I guess the support of an online community helped. In my mothers group, there were quite a few of us full term breastfeeders. 3 of us are still currently breastfeeding our 3yr olds. Knowing I have friends among me doing the same, helped to normalise full/natural term breastfeeding.

So here I am, at almost 3yrs of breastfeeding! It has been easy, thankfully. Mila latched on right from the start & we’ve had no problems since. She even nursed right through my pregnancy with Roo, and I did expect her to wean as Marley did halfway through Mila’s pregnancy. But Mila held on. She still loves breastfeeding, and I honestly can’t say when she will wean. I’d like it to happen this year, and I kinda hope it is, but then I feel sad at the thought of her weaning. She still has 2 main “feeds” per day; first thing of a morning & before bed at night. Some days she might con me into giving her an extra quick one throughout the day, or if she has hurt herself I offer her the breast to make it all better. She asks for it a lot lately “please beautiful mummy, can I have some boobie, please?” Or “just a little bit of boobie please?”. It’s all very cute, and sometimes hard to resist, but I usually say no, as I want her to cut right back. It’s hard though, since Roo is still breastfed, it makes me guilty when Mila can clearly see I allow Roo to have it heaps, but not her. I have no idea how I’ll wean her if she doesn’t do it on her own, I’d rather it be on her own terms though & not forced.

So here is to 3 years of breastfeeding, hooray! I feel lucky to have the privilege to still be breastfeeding, cause I know not everyone is as lucky.


My breastfeeding journey, 11 months ago – https://lactasticmamachatterings.wordpress.com/2013/02/21/my-breastfeeding-journey/

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