My Year of Beautiful Breastfeeding – 2013

I know, I haven’t blogged in a long time. I’ve been busy. Ok not really, I’m just slack & I neglect my blogs, I’m terrible. This year (yep, it’s 2014! Happy New Year!), I’ll try better. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, so last year (2013 is the year I’m talking about, since it’s still early in the year & it’s still confusing, lol!) I decided to take a photo every day, for the whole year. Except I wasn’t just taking any boring ol’ ordinary photo, nope, I took a heap (365!) of breastfeeding photos. Yep, I did. They are of me, of course! Well parts of me, sometimes my face gets a look in. Roo & Mila are the main stars of the photos (and my boobs too, I guess?). Mila was almost 2 when I started, Roo was just 5mths (so itty bitty!). They are now almost 3yrs & 17mths, and yep they’re still breastfed!

As you probably have guessed, I’m quite the breastfeeding advocate. I consider myself a lactivist, and am willing to stand up for the rights of breastfeeding women. It’s a huge problem everywhere, idiots make it hard for us! We get criticised for daring to breastfeed our child in public places (despite it being Australian law that we have more than every right of breastfeed anywhere & everywhere!), and even Facebook dares to remove breastfeeding photos (!!!). Ridiculous!

Anyway, I put this clip together not only for my benefit of gazing back at the year, but also for yours. I hope to inspire you, if you need it. See that breastfeeding is a normal & natural thing. It’s beautiful, nurturing, blissful, amazing, sometimes ouchy & stressful, but for the most part it’s amazing! (Oops, I said amazing twice, it must be amazing then!)

Tuesday night I was super excited cause I’d finally competed my year of Beautiful Breastfeeding photos! I made a short 15sec clip of all pics (in calendar form, thanks to the ‘project 365 pro’ & ‘flipogram’ apps), and uploaded it to my Instagram. Today I decided that wasn’t enough, and spent the whole day in my room (while my wonderful husband hung out with all 4 kids) creating a masterpiece. I’m quite proud of it, and rather love it. I should also add, all the photos are in order. First photo is Jan 1st 2013, last photo is Dec 31st 2013.

I uploaded it to YouTube, but have had issues with it working on mobile devices (grr!), but that’s what happens when you use copyrighted material, ooops! So hopefully it’ll work for you here, cause I really wanna share it! I know it works fine on a computer/laptop, it’s just the idevices, tablets, iPhones it’s not working on *sad face*

Anyway, here’s the vid (look out below!!!). I’d love to blog more to this post, but I’ll be honest, my thumbs are tired (using my iPhone), it’s 1am (Saturday 4th Jan) and I should be getting some sleep.

My Year of Beautiful Breastfeeding.

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