Roo’s Breech Birth video, the original.

I finally got around to editing my birth video again, so I can share it without music.

For a quick background as to what happened before I got to the point where the video starts;

My waters broke at 12:30am, contractions started at 1am, coming every 4-5mins. I arrived at the hospital at 2am, found to be 8cm 20mins later. Hopped in the shower at 2:30am to help cope with the pain, but succumbed to some gas about 10mins later, was starting to feel pushy not long after that.

I left the shower & got up onto the bed by 2:45. Found to be 10cm at 3am & ready to push. After some flipping around into a half sitting position I began to push. It didn’t take long for Roo to make an appearance, (from the moment you see her starting to emerge, to when she was placed on my belly, was under 2mins!) and she was on my belly at 3:13am.

Following on from the video… As the Midwife went to clamp the cord, I reminded her I wanted Delayed Cord Clamping, so she stopped what she was doing. Though a few mins later it was cut due to Roo needing a bit of air to wake her up.

She was born 29th July 2012, right on her due date!

Here is her birth story –

3 years of breastfeeding, well almost…

In 12 days Mila turns 3. And not only is it her 3rd birthday, but also our 3rd nursiversary, wow!

If you had of asked me 3yrs ago if I would breastfeed a 3yr old, I would probably have said no. Even a year ago, or 2yrs ago. I have always said that 2yrs was my goal, anything after that a bonus, and I’d wean before 3yrs.

I was one of those people who felt breastfeeding past 2 was a bit “extreme”, that the child could drink the breastmilk out of a cup instead of a breast. Yeah, I know, how naive of me. I wish I could go back and slap that former self of mine (Btw, never worded these thoughts to anyone other than myself & my husband). Then over time, I became to realise that breastfeeding is more than just the milk. It’s the bond between mum & baby/child, the comfort & security it creates, and so much more. So my opinion definitely changed, and I’m glad. I guess the support of an online community helped. In my mothers group, there were quite a few of us full term breastfeeders. 3 of us are still currently breastfeeding our 3yr olds. Knowing I have friends among me doing the same, helped to normalise full/natural term breastfeeding.

So here I am, at almost 3yrs of breastfeeding! It has been easy, thankfully. Mila latched on right from the start & we’ve had no problems since. She even nursed right through my pregnancy with Roo, and I did expect her to wean as Marley did halfway through Mila’s pregnancy. But Mila held on. She still loves breastfeeding, and I honestly can’t say when she will wean. I’d like it to happen this year, and I kinda hope it is, but then I feel sad at the thought of her weaning. She still has 2 main “feeds” per day; first thing of a morning & before bed at night. Some days she might con me into giving her an extra quick one throughout the day, or if she has hurt herself I offer her the breast to make it all better. She asks for it a lot lately “please beautiful mummy, can I have some boobie, please?” Or “just a little bit of boobie please?”. It’s all very cute, and sometimes hard to resist, but I usually say no, as I want her to cut right back. It’s hard though, since Roo is still breastfed, it makes me guilty when Mila can clearly see I allow Roo to have it heaps, but not her. I have no idea how I’ll wean her if she doesn’t do it on her own, I’d rather it be on her own terms though & not forced.

So here is to 3 years of breastfeeding, hooray! I feel lucky to have the privilege to still be breastfeeding, cause I know not everyone is as lucky.


My breastfeeding journey, 11 months ago –

The Breech VBAC Birth of Remi – July 2012

I’ll start off by saying, if you haven’t yet read Mila’s birth story, have a read of it first. In a way Mila’s birth sets this one up, her birth was what made me more determined to set out for the birth that I wanted with Remi.

I’ll also preface by mentioning I do have birth photos & a birth video in this post, and they are a bit graphic (yet beautiful).

My first 2 babies were quick & easy induced vaginal births. My 3rd baby was delivered by caesarean section (in Jan 2011), as she was breech. A c/s was something I never wanted, yet the Drs insisted (via scaremongering crap) I have one due to her breech position. I was happy to go ahead with a vaginal breech birth (VBB), but the Drs were not confident and since they no longer practice breech deliveries I ended up with a scheduled c/s. She was delivered at 39wk 4d, happy, healthy and oh so perfect. Everything went really well thankfully. I still regret not trying harder to get a vaginal birth, as I knew I could have done it. I decided I would most definitely be having a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) for baby #4.


10 months after Mila’s birth, I found out I was pregnant again. I was breastfeeding at the time, so it was a little bit of a surprise, especially since it took so long to fall pregnant with my last 2 pregnancies. I was due end of July 2012. We had moved from Canberra to Central West NSW (so we went from city to country pretty much) a few months before we found out we were pregnant, so I’d be delivering at a different hospital this time around.

My 4th pregnancy was very smooth sailing. I never had any morning sickness, or any problems at all. We chose to find out the sex of our baby at 20 weeks, a girl.

22 weeks

22 weeks

At 24wk 5d I was feeling off all day. I went to the maternity unit to be assessed, and the midwife on duty just put it down to food poisoning. Throughout the day I felt a bit worse, but the vomiting slowed down, though I had a slight pain in my side. After ringing a health line & speaking with a doctor, he suggested I head back up to the emergency department at the hospital. Once there I was checked out & had some tests, the nurse said I had a bit of protein in my urine, so it was a suspected case of pre-eclampsia. After a bag of IV fluids & shot of maxalon to ease the vomiting, an OB came by and suggested I may have an appendicitis and that it was in my best interest to head to the tertiary hospital over an hour away to be thoroughly checked. We spent roughly 3hrs waiting in Orange Base Hospital ED, ten finally after some assessment it was decided I would have an appendectomy the following morning. Before the surgery, I insisted they give me steroids for baby’s lungs (which they did), and if things went sour, to do all they could to save her. Thankfully the surgery went fine with no problems, and I recovered well. Baby stayed happily snug inside and showed no ill effects (phew!). Sure enough my appendix had burst, and it was gangrenous apparently. That was a scary few days, faced with the possibility of preterm labour.

Recovering from my appendectomy.

Recovering from my appendectomy.

I continued on with no problems through the rest of my pregnancy, watching my bump grow and getting excited about meeting our new baby.

28 weeks, glucose test day!

28 weeks, glucose test day!

34 weeks

34 weeks

At 37 weeks I went for a scan to check positioning of baby, despite her being cephalic (head down) a few days earlier at my antenatal appointment. Surprisingly, she had flipped to breech. I couldn’t believe it! But I figured since she had been head down just a few days ago, surely she would turn back around, there was still time. In the meantime I tried a few baby flipping exercises, but not holding onto much hope of them working as they never did with Mila.

37 weeks, nose & lips

37 weeks, nose & lips

When I found out I was pregnant, I started reading as much information and birth stories on breech as I could. I knew that if I had another breech baby, I would push harder for a vaginal breech birth (VBB). I never expected it would come in handy.

37 weeks, waiting to see one of my OBs

37 weeks, waiting to see one of my OBs

I saw my OB a few days later, and I informed him that in no way will I consent to a c/s. I insisted I will be having a vaginal birth with this baby, as a c/s was completely unnecessary. He was supportive, agreed that we wait till I go into labour before making any decisions (I was surprised by his reaction, as I was more than ready for a fight). Though he did feel I would end up with a c/s and baby wouldn’t turn. This same OB when I first saw him a few months earlier, had asked why I had a c/s with #3. He was surprised that I wasn’t given a trial of labour with her since I’d had 2 previous successful VB (vaginal births), and my babies were only small. But since this would be a VBAC, he was slightly cautious.

Bub continued to be breech at the next few appointments, and as much as I had hoped she would turn, I gave into the fact she wasn’t going to turn head down. I also started to lose bits of my plug, signs that things are happening down there!

38 weeks!

38 weeks!

Thursday 26th July… I saw another OB at 39 weeks (I rotated between 3 OBs, so when I did give birth, I was familiar with whomever would be on call that day), and she performed an internal to see where I was at & if baby was still breech. I was found to be at 2cm, soft and very favourable. She told me that I’d most likely have baby within the week. She knew my thoughts on having a c/s, and that I would be refusing one. As much as they didn’t want to deliver a breech baby vaginally, they also couldn’t refuse care. As bad as I felt putting both her and the other OB in that position, it wasn’t fair that I would be put in the position of not birthing the way I wanted, since it was my body & baby etc.

Saturday 28th (at 39+6) morning I found the rest of it had come away, though I knew this didn’t tell me much, labour could still be a week or more away. I’d also been experiencing painful braxton hicks contractions over the last week, not too painful, but noticeable. These happened mainly when I was breastfeeding Mila (18mths old at the time). Though on this day I noticed they were around a bit more, and hurt a little more, not regular though. I really didn’t think anything of it, especially since they had been bothering me for weeks.

I headed to bed at 12:30am that night, I got nice & cosy, and then had a cough. Well as soon as I coughed my waters broke/burst. Totally didn’t expect that! I spent the next 20mins trying to get hold of the maternity suite, when I finally did, the Midwife (S) informed me that as it was the weekend and baby was still breech, my husband Lach & I would have to drive to Orange Base Hospital. My local hospital had no theatre staff on call, and they wanted that back up should something go wrong. Now Orange was over an hour drive away, and we weren’t too happy about driving all that way, but figured we had no choice. I rang my parents to let them know what was happening, and Mum was on her way.

After I got off the phone (just before 1am), I started getting painful contractions. They were coming every 5mins, and lasting just over a minute. This gave me a little hope that I may get a VB, as I had never gone into spontaneous labour with my other kids.

contraction timer

My Mum arrived at our place around 1:20am (to watch the kids), and saw that I was having contractions. She soon suggested we get an ambulance to take us to Orange, as not only was Lach so tired and unwell (he had a horrid flu over the past week), but my previous VB were fast, and we didn’t want to risk birthing on the way. So she called up for an ambulance to take us. I was labouring on my bed at this point, on all fours. I was worried about a cord prolapse as I wasn’t sure if baby had engaged her bum yet or not. I really wanted to get up and jump in the shower, but didn’t want to risk being up right and possibly having a cord slip out.

The Ambos arrived around 1:40am, one of them lived just around the corner from us, so he got here pretty quick. After a check over, he informed me that we would have to go to the local hospital first before making our way to Orange. I felt bad as I had been told to go straight to Orange, but the Ambos said it was protocol. I had a contraction or 2 on the way, and wasn’t looking forward to labouring like this if we had to go to Orange. I had a cannula inserted while in the ambulance in case I needed fluids etc.

At 2am, making our way along the corridors to the maternity suite I had another contraction (I was on my back, ouch!), and we were met by my Midwife (S). I had to wait for the on call OB to arrive to do a check to see how far I was progressing. When she got there, I had an internal and amazingly I was already 8cm dilated! I couldn’t believe I was that far already, so quickly. This was what I wanted since finding out bub was breech, as the OBs had both said if I arrived at hospital at 7/8cm they would be happy to go for a breech VB. After my internal, my OB said I wasn’t going anywhere (YAY!).

Both my OB & S explained how we were going to approach this birth. I had previously discussed with my OB how she would do it, so had a fair idea with how it’d go. I was told once I was fully dilated & ready to push, I’d have to come back onto the bed, on my back with my bum right at the end of the bed. They would be taking the ‘hands off approach’, where I would be left to birth baby without anyone touching her. This was so bub wouldn’t flex her head while still inside me, which would possibly cause her to get stuck. Though S said she would have a hard time resisting the urge to touch baby, as she was so used to being hands on when catching (cephalic) babies.

It was almost 2:30am when I found out I was staying, and I made my way into the shower to labour (boy was it great to be up off my back!). I was in there for about 10 minutes when I decided the water wasn’t hot enough for me (I had it up as far as it would go, with just hot water), so I asked for the gas. Oh that blissful gas, it’s awesome! I only had gas in my 2 previous VB, and found it really helped to ‘focus’ in a way.

Not too long and I was starting to feel pushy and let S know. This meant I had to get out of the shower and back onto the bed. I didn’t really want to, and was ready to crawl there, but Lach & S managed to encourage me to get up and make my way to the bed. I hopped up onto the bed on all fours (leaning over the head of the bed) and my OB checked me over again. I was almost fully dilated, with a little bit of cervix in the way. I stayed where I was and continued to suck on the glorious gas, fighting the urge to push. I looked up at the clock at this point and saw it was 2:45am.

Finally at around 3am I was 10cm, & ready to push. I flipped over onto my back (half sitting up), got into position, and started to push.

After a few minutes of pushing I could feel bub descending. Out came her bum (and she did a big poo & wee right before her bum emerged), then her feet flipped out from under her (she was complete breech with legs folded). Next out came her head, and then she was immediately passed up onto me. My baby girl was born 29th July at 3:13am, just over an hour after arriving at the hospital, making it just a 2hr labour.

Remibirhstoryboard copy

S went to clamp her cord, but I reminded her that I had requested delayed cord clamping as I felt (and knew) it was very beneficial for baby to receive all/as much blood from the placenta as possible. Though a minute or so later the OB asked us to clamp and cut it as bub wasn’t quite responding as well as she’d liked. She was fine though, and I knew this as I could see she was alert and trying to cry, just a little shocked. Lach cut the cord and bub was taken over to the warming tray to have a bit of air blown into her, then she was handed back to me where she latched on and began her breastfeeding journey.

IMG_2785 copywm

IMG_2786 copywm

IMG_2788 copywm

IMG_4677 copy

I indulged in my new baby girl as I delivered the placenta and I was checked over & given a few stitches. Bub was weighed & measured – 3110gm (6lb 13oz), 48cm long & 36cm head circumference.

IMG_2790 copywm

IMG_2791 copywm

After I showered, all 3 of us headed to a room to get a bit of sleep. S let Lach stay with me since it was so quiet on the ward (bonus of a small hospital), and he took up the bed next to me. I dozed in and out for the next few hours, had some brekky then waited for my OB to get back so we could be discharged. At 11:30am we were finally ready to go, and headed home to introduce our new daughter to her siblings.

IMG_2857 copy copy

Throughout my whole pregnancy we searched high & low for names. It was SO hard! Well if she had of been a boy it may have been easier, but naming our 3rd daughter was very tricky. Finally when she was 10 days old we agreed to name her Remi Violet.

IMG_2884 copy copy

Over the next 2 weeks, while I indulged in this precious baby girl, I experienced my first ever bout of baby blues (never had it with the other 3). It was horrible. Not only did I have that, I also had the WORST after birth pains (how to cope with birth pains), they were worse than my labour! I think being unwell right before the birth, Lach having to go back to work a day after Remi was born (his boss couldn’t cope without him) & my hormones being out of whack, it was all too much. I knew I was definitely ok, I just had little outbursts of crying. Poor Lach didn’t kow what to do with me, I had to keep re-assuring him I was okay & not depressed. As I reached about day 7-10 I was back to my usual self, and feeling much better, phew!

So that’s my breech VBAC birth story. Even now, almost 7 months later, I’m still in awe of myself. I can’t believe I did it! Well I knew I could do it, but I figured I’d end up with a c/s one way or another. I just didn’t think things would go the way I wanted. I now know that if we go back for another baby, and he/she is breech too, I will push again for another breech vaginal birth without question. I won’t let anyone convince me otherwise. I am so unbelievably happy that I got the birth I wanted, the way I wanted. I’ve watched my birth video over & over, and it amazes me every time seeing a bum come out first!

And here is the video with original sound…

Wean Me Gently… A Poem

Lying here in bed between a sleeping baby & sleeping husband. I’m not yet asleep myself, so I’m browsing through my Pinterest boards & pins… I just came across this beautiful poem by Cathy Cardall.

Wean Me Gently
by Cathy Cardall

I know I look so big to you,
Maybe I seem too big for the needs I have.
But no matter how big we get,
We still have needs that are important to us.
I know that our relationship is growing and changing,
But I still need you.
I need your warmth and closeness,
Especially at the end of the day
When we snuggle up in bed.
Please don’t get too busy for us to nurse.
I know you think I can be patient,
Or find something to take the place of a nursing;
A book, a glass of something,
But nothing can take your place when I need you.
Sometimes just cuddling with you,
Having you near me is enough.
I guess I am growing and becoming independent,
But please be there.
This bond we have is so strong and so important to me,
Please don’t break it abruptly.
Wean me gently,
Because I am your mother,
And my heart is tender.

Isn’t that lovely!
I better end this post with some very recent photos of my girls & I. I hope they wean me gently, when the time comes.

Mila tonight, having her boob in bed while I read her a story.

Mila tonight, having a breastfeed in bed while I read her a story.

And Roo a few days ago.

And Roo a few days ago.


The Breech Caeserean Birth of Mila – Jan 2011

It has been 3 years since Mila was born. Her birth was a very positive scheduled Caesarean, due to breech position. Here is her story…

After 14 months of TTC (while breastfeeding), Lach & I finally discovered we were pregnant with our very much wanted 3rd child. I managed yet again another wonderful easy pregnancy, enjoying every moment that went by (and it went fast!), due date was 28th Jan 2011 (this was Neve’s due date 4yrs previous!).

Fast forward to 33w and after a visit to the antenatal clinic I’m told that baby is most likely breech. No worries I thought, he/she will turn in time as there is plenty. In the meantime I did a few exercises I found from the Spinning Babies website, to encourage turning.

My 36w visit came and yep baby was still breech, confirmed soon after by ultrasound. So I was booked in for an ECV (external cephalic version) at 36w 6d. The day of the ECV came, and off we went, after a bit of effort (by 2 doctors), our baby would just not turn. The ECV was slightly uncomfortable, but not as bad as I had heard. I was given another week before we would discuss options. I would still continue some exercises to see if I could help baby to turn, I even grabbed some moxa sticks and sat outside with the pointed at my little toes while they burned away.

My next visit came at 37w 5d. I saw an OB as I was now considered ‘high risk’ (this felt weird to me, as I was no way near high risk, my baby was only head up), we checked once again and yep bub was still breech, cheeky baby! He said he would give me another week before we talk c-sect, as he highly advised against a vaginal breech birth.

Now since I had had 2 perfect VB (vaginal birth) previously, I really didn’t want to go down the c-sect path. I felt I could go through with a vaginal breech birth, but it didn’t seem anyone would support this decision, and I had them scaremongering me by throwing stats of a Canadian trial going wrong (beyond the breech trial) which is why they don’t do them. This really frustrated me, as I am very pro natural VB (I have nothing against c-sects), and had really really hoped to go into labour at home on my own this time around, since my previous 2 VB were induced. But I was beginning to believe I was heading towards a c/s. So Lach & I discussed, that in the end it was best to have a c-sect as it was looking to be safer for baby, especially after the Dr told me there was a high chance of my baby dying if I attempted a vaginal birth (argh!!). And in the end for us it boiled down to; if something went wrong in a breech VB, we would never forgive ourselves. So it was a few weeks of discomfort, or a lifetime of misery & grief without our baby or with a disabled one. We knew what we wanted the most. I also knew I could/would definitely go for a VBAC with #4 in a few years.

Another week of (failed) baby turning exercises went by and I headed back for another visit at 38w 5d(a Wednesday). Yep baby STILL breech, so I sadly signed the c-sect papers, despite wanting to wait till I went into labour, & I was told it would be the following week, possibly Tues or Thurs. I still lived with a little hope that baby would turn though.

I got a call on the Friday to say my c/s was set for Monday 24th Jan, I couldn’t get over how soon it would be, I had hoped for a little more time! Though I was slightly nervous, I was well prepared and headed up for my pre-op appt on the Sunday. I was told no food from midnight that night and to be there at 7:30am. I wasn’t given a time but was told I would be slotted in when possible.

Monday 24th Jan – The day we meet our baby!

Monday morning we arrived at the hospital at 7:30am, was put into my room and waited around for a bit. 9am rolled on and I was told my c/s was set for 1pm, a 4hr wait, great! I just wanted it over with as I was anxious enough already. And I had been getting contractions most of the morning, which I felt was unfair since I was supposed to be getting out of that part. I had one final scan, and yep baby still breech, so the c/s was definitely on.

At 1pm a midwife & an orderly, took me down to theatre. I had my lovely teds rolled on my legs, hat & ID tags on and before I knew it, I was saying bye to Lach as he went off to get his gear on.

Got into theatre and met some lovely Drs & nurses, and they got me prepped. I had a spinal put in, that was a weird feeling, especially when they rubbed the cold pink stuff on my back. Eventually my butt was numb and in went the catheter. Lach came in shortly after, and before I knew it they had started. It was an odd sensation, feeling them rummaging around, even though I was completely numb. About 10-15mins later at 1:47pm, they were pulling out our baby, Lach got the camera out and started snapping away. They lifted bub up and I saw for myself and blurted out “A GIRL!”, to which I started blubbering. I heard the OB who was performing the c/s mention that she had been breech for a long time and was never going to turn. Baby was then taken over to be checked, cleaned up etc. Her apgars were 9 & 9, and she a wee & poo while over there.

IMG_4701 copyweb copy

IMG_4703 copy copy copy

IMG_4708 copyweb copy

(I did get a few more photos of Mila being born, but unfortunately they are all completely blurry, so can’t share them :()

Soon after, my new baby girl was brought over to me, and I was instantly in love with her, she was just ever so perfect! Crying her lungs out. We had a cuddle, and some photos and after what seemed like ages she went with Lach & a midwife while I was finished up. I then met them outside and we all went down to recovery together where we had some skin on skin & I gave Mila her first feed, she latched on immediately and went for the boob really well.

After a bit of time in recovery we headed back to our room, where we settled in and started the round of announcement calls. Me first calling home announcing to Neve she had a baby sister (apparently she was dancing around the room so overjoyed ♥ Neve had been saying throughout my whole pregnancy that baby would be a girl, though we chose not to find out). Not long after Lach headed home to pick Neve & Marley up, to bring them in to meet their new baby sister.

We had her weighed & measured, another little one at 6lb 5oz & 48cm long.

It took us over 24hrs to name our new daughter, but we finally decided on Mila Noelle (pronounced ‘Me-la’). Noelle is a variation of Noelene, which is my Grandmother’s name.

The following days after my c/s went really well. I was out of bed by the next morning for a shower, although I was sore, I was feeling well. I was so surprised at how great I felt, I was expecting to be in more pain and all ‘woe is me’, but luckily enough I got it good. I planned to stay in till the Friday, mainly as I wasn’t sure how I’d feel, but also as it was so hot and I wanted to take advantage of the aircon (we had none at home). But after a nice nap on Thursday, I decided I’d head home that arvo since it had cooled down a lot.

IMG_4863 copy copy

4 days old

IMG_4778 copyweb copy

9 days old

IMG_5202 copyweb copy

19 days old

I’m so glad I did a bit of reading before my c/s, as I felt it helped me to prepare for what was ahead, which ended up being better than I expected! But in hindsight, knowing what I do now, I wish I had of pushed harder for a VBB (vaginal breech birth). I do regret my choice to have a cesarean, but it was the right choice at the time. But in the end, all that matters I guess is we both came out of it fine, and my recovery went really well (I went off pain meds at about day 8, something I didn’t expect. I thought I’d be on them for a few weeks at least!).

One of the things that annoyed me most, was the scaremongering that my caregivers did. The Canadian term breech trial was used to frighten me into a c/s, yet I found out while pregnant with baby #4 that the trial is kinda null & void.

Coming up soon, my final birth story… My Breech VBAC!

My Breastfeeding Journey

I’ve spent a total 1478 days (and counting!) breastfeeding my 4 babies. 207 of those feeding 2 at once. I’ve been breastfeeding continuously since my 3rd baby was born, almost 25mths ago (yep, she still going too!).

Before I had my first baby, I never had any expectations about breastfeeding, all I knew was I would do it, that’s it. I had grown up with siblings, 2 younger than me, and I remember my mum breastfeeding my baby sister. Hehe, I remember watching her put cabbage leaves down her bra to ease engorgement & her bout of mastitis which she got. I also remember ‘breastfeeding’ my dolls. I knew all along that I would do it some day. I’m so thankful I had the influence of my mum growing up, I feel it’s something important, to help normalise breastfeeding.

Before I fell pregnant, I watched an Australian pregnancy/birth/baby tv show called “from Here to Maternity”, and I remember one of those women struggling to breastfeed her newborn baby. I watched this lady cringe in pain from attaching her baby, and crying that it hurt so much. This kind of prepared me in a way that breastfeeding wouldn’t be easy, its not just a matter of putting baby to breast and off you go. Thankfully this show didn’t put me off breastfeeding at all.

While pregnant my husband & I attended a breastfeeding class for expectant mothers. While I learned a little bit (from a video which showed attachment & holding techniques), we nearly left after an hour as it was so borning, but decided to stick it out for the final hour.

My breastfeeding journey began when my eldest was born over 6 years ago. She latched on immediately, and everything just went perfectly from then, never had a problem. I was super impressed being a first time mum, I’d have such great success and we’d take to it so naturally. Then when she was around 5mths my nipple was rather cracked, it hurt so darn much!!! And the crappy thing was, she would only feed from that side. So stupid me went out and bought formula to help my boob heal, bad idea. Though I had no idea that using formula would bugger up my supply, or that baby would possibly have breast refusal. I didn’t think of buying nipple shields either, that may have helped me, a lot.

Neve's first breastfeed.

Neve’s first breastfeed.

So I started giving her formula, and my supply dropped, and so began the breast refusal. I was gutted. I remember her last feed very clearly, well I can’t even call it a feed. I was trying so hard to get her to take the breast, almost forcing it into her mouth. She was hungry & crying, but just didn’t want it. So I relented and gave her the bottle of formula. Bugger, she took it. And that was that, the end of my first breastfeeding relationship. Neve was only 5.5mths old. I look back with regrets, wish I tried harder, wish I never gave that dreaded formula to her. But oh well, what’s done is done. She is now a very healthy 6yr old, it’s not like the formula was poison, she thrived on it. Besides, that short experience only made me more determined.

Along came my son, again he latched immediately after birth, and took to breastfeeding like a pro. There were no problems whatsoever. No cracked nipples, no mastitis, nothing. I fell pregnant when he was 14mths and he was still going. But unfortunately, he self weaned at 18mths, on the dot. I was 22wks pregnant. My milk was pretty much gone, and I only had a little colostrum. But despite being sad that he had weaned, I was very happy he did it on his own terms, and we made it to 18 months!

Marley, 5mths

Marley, 5mths

A few months later #3 was born, and yep you guessed it… Another breastfeeding natural, I was just so lucky to have such an easy experience. She kept feeding, and when I fell pregnant (she was only 10mths old) I was hopeful she would continue breastfeeding till the new baby arrived. My milk started going around 22wks, was very minimal by 24wks. I had emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix at 25wks and was worried me being away would prompt her to wean, but nope (phew!). 28wks and I noticed colostrum coming in, and she still continued, wasn’t bothered by the change at all.

Mila's first breastfeed

Mila’s first breastfeed

Mila, 6mths

Mila, 6mths


At about 38wks I noticed an increase in my supply, it appeared my milk was slowly returning. And guess what happened? Missy decided that she wanted to be a boob addict. Up until that point she was breastfeeding 3 times a day, and not at all bothered if she missed a feed. I was feeling super hopeful she would be feeding once her baby sister was born, and I’d get to tandem feed them both.

The great thing about her increasing the frequency of her feeds? They were triggering braxton hicks, so whenever she fed, I’d get slight pains. Closer to my due date they were getting stronger. The day my water broke, I was getting mild contractions every time she fed. Once Roo was born, Mila was great at relieving my boobs when my milk came in (it came in at 2-3 days after Roo’s birth).

Roo, minutes old & her first breastfeed.

Roo, minutes old & her first breastfeed.

Roo took to the breast really well like her older siblings, and so my tandem feeding experience began. Mila was 18mths old when Roo was born, so I was super happy she had reached the age Marley had weaned. Though I knew now my milk had arrived back, she wouldn’t be weaning anytime soon.

One of my first experiences tandem feeding both girls. Mila 18mths & Roo 2 days.

One of my first experiences tandem feeding both girls. Mila 18mths & Roo 2 days.

And she hasn’t. Mila is almost 25mths old, Roo almost 7mths, and the tandem feeding has been brilliant! I mastered feeding both girls at once pretty quick, though I rarely feed them together. I’ve really enjoyed it.

IMG_8300 IMG_6360

Now that Mila has reached (& now passed) the recommended 2 years of breastfeeding, I wonder when she will wean. I myself am not ready. I think because she has been doing it for so long, I just can’t imagine her stopping. Though she will have to one day, and sadly I think it will be in the next 12 months, cause personally, my limit is 3 years. But then, you never know, I might get to 3yrs and just keep going. We’ll see. So long as the weaning process is mainly Mila’s decision.


Breastfeeding a toddler can be challenging and demanding. They are such independent & strong willed little people. I never realised that I’d get a tantrum if I refused a breastfeed (well I did, but it didn’t really occur to me). But the thing that I love about breastfeeding a toddler, is when Mila hurts herself, or is upset, she knows she can come to me for comfort, and usually a quick breastfeed will make it all better.

As for Roo, she has reached that independent age where she is rather nosy. I’m finding it difficult to feed around other people/noises as it distracts her and she keeps pulling off the breast, therefore not getting her full feed. She’ll grow out of this phase though, they all do. I have found my beautiful breastfeeding necklace (the rainbow one pictured below) I bought from KangarooCare on Etsy, has helped with distracting her.

Roo, 6mths

Roo, 6mths



You’re probably thinking “gee she has a lot of breastfeeding photos!”. Well, yep I do! I love taking them, so I have photos to look back on. I’m currently undertaking a Project 365 where I’m taking 1 breastfeeding photo per day. I can’t wait till I see the result when the year is over!

It wasn’t until shortly after Roo was born, that I finally decided to join the Australian Breastfeeding Association, I’d been meaning to over the last 6yrs!

In a way I would love to one day become a breastfeeding/lactation consultant/counselor, but I’m just not sure I’m all that good with people. I’ll see though, it’s on my ‘dream job’ list though.